Inspired in the 1960s, the rumba collection brings forth a sense of strong femininity with its bold colors and statement silhouettes that reflect just the perfect amount of vintage nostalgia. This is your destination for everything high waisted, color blocked, and sustainable.

4 girls of different sizes in a swimsuit. Small, large, extra large, and 3 extra large. Mary Mercedes Swim


We are a sustainable and inclusive swimwear brand looking to help women redefine how they speak about their bodies. We have replaced industry standard sizing names with empowering words of affirmation and provided a save space for women of a wide range of sizes to shop.

We believe the market is overly sexualized and makes swimwear shopping an incredibly vulnerable experience for many women. Our proudest moment is always when we can convert the tshirt-instead-of-swimsuit beach goer into their first great fitting bikini set.

We have focused on providing accurate and diverse sizing representation on our website with zero body retouching plus free online consultations to help the customer create real expectations and an overall positive experience.

Bringing sustainability and top quality to often neglected size ranges is part of our ethos, and so all of our swim is made with biodegradable nylon fibers Amni Soul Eco, which will decompose within 5 years in a landfill environment.


"The best swimsuit I've ever owned"

"I feel so safe here"


"Love the sizing! So cute and unique!"

"It fits so well! And it's so comfortable!"